Our Property Maintenance Tips For Spring

The days are now getting longer and spring is officially upon us making it the perfect time to start a spring clean in your property in preparation for the summer months.

Have a read of our top tips for spring property maintenance.


  • Check Your Guttering

It is important to check for any loose or leaky guttering, especially as they need to be ready for spring showers. Failure to check your guttering could lead to a potential leak inside your property which can be expensive to rectify. 

  • Check Door Seals and Trimmings

Wood trims on doors and windows may be at risk of being damaged by spring showers, especially as they may have hardened and cracked over the cold winter months from being exposed to the elements.

  • Test Your Water Heating Pressure Relief Valve

Test this valve regularly and you will reduce the risk of water leaks or even, worst case scenario, explosions caused by the build-up of corrosion.

  • Landscaping and Gardening

While it is important to keep on top of your garden maintenance throughout the year, spring is the perfect time to get into the garden for some essential tidying. Don’t forget small garden annoyances such as weeds can cause significant damage to driveways and patios, while overgrown branches may be at risk of falling on the property.

  • Don’t Turn Off Your Radiators Completely

It may seem counterintuitive, but it’s worth considering if turning off your heating is the right thing to do when the property is empty. It could lead to damp problems.

  • Clean Your White Goods and Appliances

Check the vents of washing machines and tumble dryers that can often become clogged by dust and fabric particles. Similar checks should also be carried out on fridge coils to make sure they are working at full capacity.

  • Inspect Concrete Slabs and the Patio

Broken patio slabs don’t only look untidy, they also pose the risk to drainage or injury to your tenants. Make sure you have the broken slabs carefully filled with concrete to help seal them off from water damage.


Remember that carrying out regular checks of your property can help to identify and fix any problems before they get worse – for more information on carrying out mid-term property inspections read our blog here.


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